The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is an international human rights treaty that grants all children and young people a comprehensive set of rights.

The UNCRC is presently the most widely ratified international human rights treaty. It is the only international human rights treaty to include civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. It sets out in detail what every child needs to have a safe, happy and fulfilled childhood regardless of  their sex, religion, social origin, and where and to whom they were born.

The Convention gives children and young people over 40 substantive rights, including the right to:

  • special protection measures and assistance
  • access to services such as education and healthcare
  • develop their personalities, abilities and talents to the fullest potential
  • grow up in an environment of happiness, love and understanding
  • be informed about and participate in achieving their rights in an accessible and active manner.

At Glasllwch Primary School we are committed to the UNCRC and to its implementation. We ensure that pupils of Glasllwch Primary School are aware of their rights as stated in the UNCRC. We encourage the children to recognise and value their own rights and the rights of others. At Glasllwch we believe pupils are treated fairly and with respect; we strive to support children in overcoming challenges and give them the confidence to reach their full potential, in a safe and secure environment.

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