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At Glasllwch Primary School we believe the natural curiosity and voice of each individual must be valued, nurtured and encouraged to flourish in a safe, secure, happy and stimulating environment.

Learning at Glasllwch Primary School is enhanced by exploring the thoughts and feelings of pupils within our school. Pupil Participation is embedded in all aspects of school life. We provide children with opportunities to contribute to school improvement because we believe listening to learners is fundamental to their well-being.


Our vision…

The development of Pupil Voice will enable learners to explore and share their views of the school learning environment and their experiences as learners. This will enable the school community to ensure pupils have greater involvement in establishing an ethos of mutual contribution and increased ownership of their learning experiences, therefore engaging and motivating learners to achieve.


Senedd Glasllwch…

Involving our children in realising our school vision and aims is a fundamental aspect of our philosophy and approach to pupil participation. One of the mechanisms through which children are empowered to shape their school experience is through Senedd Glasllwch.

Our Senedd Glasllwch structure provides children from across the school with the opportunity to express their views about school life in a forum where they will be listened to and action taken when appropriate. Information about the pupil groups which make up Senedd Glasllwch can be found below.

All pupil groups within Senedd Glasllwch formulate and then implement a school action plan for improvement. They share their findings with a number of audiences, including: other pupils, teaching and support staff, PTA, Governors, Headteacher and L.A. Schools.


Our Senedd Glasllwch groups…

Community Committee –  actively participate in engaging with and improving our school community.

Eco Champions – formulate and then implement actions for environmental improvement.

Wellbeing Ambassadors – promote health & wellbeing across our school.

Digital Leaders – improve ICT and Digital Competency across the school.

Learning Squad – explore issues raised by children across the school and identify aspects of school life they would like to research and improve.

Criw Cymraeg – promote our Welsh language, culture and heritage across school.

Resolution Role Models –  help children to find resolutions to their problems using peer-mediation (Playground Pals). They also model positive attitudes and behaviours, taking on the role of Heddlu Bach.       


Pupils who participate in decision-making enjoy enhanced self-esteem and motivation, gain important personal, social and organisational skills, and become familiar with group and democratic processes. At the organisational level, pupil involvement in decision-making leads to better relationships, more relevant and effective policies, and better learning. In the best scenarios, pupils and adults work together as partners to ensure that their school provides the best possible learning environment for all. Pupils have an important part to play in helping their school to improve in every aspect of school life.

(Pupil Voice Wales, 2010)


More information about Senedd Glasllwch and pupil participation in our school can be found in our Pupil Participation Policy in our Online Office.

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