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Feeling Safe


Glasllwch Primary School values the views of all its members. Learning in our school is enhanced by exploring the thoughts and feelings of pupils within the school. Pupil Voice is embedded in all aspects of school life. We provide children with opportunities to contribute to school improvement because we believe listening to learners is fundamental to their wellbeing. Below are some examples of the opportunities pupils have had to voice their thoughts and feelings about our school learning environment.

Learning Walks

Our Learning Squad set off with post-it notes and a digital camera and took a Learning Walk around the school. They evaluated different areas of the school environment and decided how conducive to learning each area was. They suggested ways to improve our school facilities and the school environment, making it more conducive to learning.


The Learning Squad think that the way the classrooms are organised will help children to learn…

  • that making learning fun helps children to concentrate and enjoy learning…
  • that round tables are good for group work because children can improve their reciprocity…
  • that displays in the classrooms help children with learning…


Learners think classroom targets help them improve because they want to get better…

  • they think the outdoor learning environment is important
  • so they can learn about bugs!!!
  • Key Skill signs help them to improve their Key Skills…

Code The Map

Being healthy and feeling happy and safe is fundamental to children’s wellbeing…

Our pupils share their views of the school learning environment, voicing what helps them feel happy, healthy and safe. All the children were asked to colour code a map of the school to show where they feel happy, healthy and safe. Children in Year 6 used the digital camera to photograph situations in which they feel happy, healthy and safe.




Children in Year 6 used the digital camera to photograph situations in which they feel happy, healthy and safe.


Improvements being made as a result of  this activity, include…

  • A School Council campaign to improve lunchtimes in the hall…
  • Ongoing improvement of the infant toilets….
  • Installation of a projector and laptop in the school hall…

Classroom organisation and layout takes into account learners views of the physical environment. Year 5 children were asked to plan the layout of their classroom, considering how they learn best.


We found out that…

Learners prefer smaller groups of children to help them concentrate…

  • they think it is important to have a large carpet space…
  • that the seats face the direction of the Interactive Whiteboard…
  • that a quiet library area is important…
  • pupils learn more effectively in their classroom environment if their views are taken into consideration.

Pupil Surveys

Our Learning Squad carried out Pupil Surveys to find out what pupils think of our school learning environment. They were asked questions about how healthy, happy and safe they feel in school.


Comments included…

“Teachers are always there…”
“You are always with other people… ”
“The doors are locked…”
“You are not alone…not in danger…”

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