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Glasllwch Primary School is a learning community where developing creative and critical thinking lies at the heart of effective teaching and learning. We are committed to providing all children with the opportunity to develop thinking strategies across the curriculum. We encourage all children to think reflectively, critically and creatively about their learning and to demonstrate independent and cooperative learning skills. Our approach to learning generates high levels of achievement, and excitement and enthusiasm for learning.

The staff of Glasllwch Primary School use a range of tools to support children’s learning, including Thinking Maps.


Thinking Maps

Thinking Maps are a set of 8 visual tools used to teach universal thinking processes. They were originally devised by Dr David Hyerle. Thinking Maps are used for the explicit teaching of cognitive skills and can be transferred into all areas of the curriculum. At Glasllwch Primary School children from Nursery through to Year 6 use Thinking Maps to support their learning.


Support your child’s learning by encouraging them to use Thinking Maps at home!

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