Our school curriculum comprises of all learning, assessment and wider experiences that we provide for our children. It is driven by the four purposes set out in the Curriculum for Wales. We have created the following visual summary to illustrate: how our school community have engaged in developing our curriculum; how our curriculum meets the requirements of the Curriculum for Wales; our approach to learning progression and assessment; and how we intend to continue reviewing and developing our curriculum.


A project approach...

Our school curriculum uses a project approach to learning, with the four purposes at the heart of every project. Where possible, learning takes place within the context of class, phase or whole school projects which form engaging and authentic opportunities for learning.

Our whole school 'Glasllwchbury' project culminated in our own Glasllwchbury Festival. Throughout the project the children enjoyed singing, dancing, playing instruments, creating artwork and engaging in entrepreneurial activities. They applied their literacy, numeracy and digital competency skills as well as developing their knowledge across all Areas of Learning and Experience. Our 'Glasllwchbury Festival' film captures some of the highlights - we hope you enjoy it!


Our whole school 'Cynefin' project provided learners with opportunities to engage in a variety of cross-curricular learning experiences, developing their sense of belonging and their understanding of the people and places around us. They were immersed in experiences to develop their skills and knowledge of the world around them, including the historical, cultural and social place which has and continues to shape our community. Our 'Cynefin' film showcases some of the learning outcomes created by the children during the project.

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