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Glasllwch Primary School is a Healthy School

As a school we value the health and well-being of all members of our school community.  Promoting a healthy lifestyle and recognising the importance of a healthy mind and body is a key aspect of all we do in school.  The following information may be useful for parents.


Ensuring Hygiene and Safety at Snack Time and Lunch Time

Our Aims:

  • To ensure all children at Glasllwch Primary School are all healthy, confident individuals
  • To ensure that consistent hygiene and safety messages are given to children at home and in school
  • To help parents to reinforce personal hygiene at home
  • To educate parents on our procedures for ensuring health, well-being and hygiene within school


Water Bottles

  • We encourage every child to bring in a reusable water bottle to school that they can keep in our water bottle holders and drink throughout the day
  • We require all children to take their water bottle home DAILY to be washed and returned
  • The water bottles must ONLY contain water – no squash, fruit juice or fizzy drinks allowed.
  • The water bottle must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.


Snack time

  • We encourage ALL children to bring a healthy snack into school for break times.
  • Please ensure your child has chopped up fruit, salad or vegetables for their snack (no cereal bars/chocolate/crisps)
  • Please ensure any grapes are sliced in half (length ways) to prevent choking
  • Foundation Phase children are also encouraged to drink milk at break time. Every child in Foundation Phase is provided with a free bottle of milk by the Welsh Government
  • We also encourage children to drink from their water bottles before and after snack time
  • Please do not give your children too much to eat as we find that they will not eat their lunch. Play times are also important to develop the children’s social skills so one piece of fruit or vegetable will be more than enough
  • Our School Nutrition Action Group offer Fruity Friday on the last Friday of every month which encourages children to try new fruits and vegetables.


Hand – Washing Procedures in school

  • We encourage children to wash their hands after using the toilet, after sneezing or coughing, after playing outside, after sports and before eating.
  • We encourage the children to wash their hands for at least 15 seconds
  • All children are taught the correct way to wash their hands effectively in school as part of the Personal and Social Education curriculum.
  • Here is an example poster of the correct way to wash your hands. The children have made similar posters which can be found in all toilets in school


Lunch Box Safety

  • We do not have fridges for lunch boxes in school. Children leave the lunch boxes on shelves by their pegs in cool corridors of the school.
  • We encourage children to have healthy, balanced lunch boxes in school.
  • NO fizzy drinks are allowed in lunch boxes – children are encouraged to have water or milk with their lunch
  • Children are awarded stickers if they are seen to have made healthy choices in their lunch boxes
  • Lunch boxes must go home daily to be washed and returned
  • Our school ECO council encourage wrapper less lunch boxes to help save the environment


Thank you for your continued support at home.

Glasllwch Staff



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