Learning to Learn

We believe that engaging our children in ‘learning about learning’ enables them to develop a deeper understanding of themselves as learners and therefore equips them with a greater capacity to learn. Our school ethos and the positive relationships established within our school community promote the value of learning and create a desire for children to become Lifelong Learners. Below are some examples of the opportunities pupils have within school to develop their capacity as learners.

Learning Conversations

Learning conversations between the children allow them to share HOW they have learned…


…this enables them to learn about learning…


…becoming increasingly aware and independent learners…

Learner Interviews

When asked “What makes you a good learner?”, children said…

speech Stepping out of your learning zone – taking a risk.  Year 5 learner.
speech Finding out on your own.  Year 1 learner.
speech Using your forcefield – not getting distracted!  Year 5 learner.
speech I Know what to do – I never give up!  Year 2 learner.
speech Being reflective – looking back at your work!  Year 4 learner.
speech Helping other people. Year 1 learner
speech Try another way if you are stuck. Year 3 learner.

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