Parent Questionnaire February 2016

‘Today’s learning for tomorrow’s stars!’




Dear Parents,

Our vision is for this school to be a centre of excellence at the heart of the wider community; where the natural curiosity and voice of each individual is valued, nurtured and encouraged to flourish in a safe, secure, happy and stimulating environment enabling everyone to develop high self-esteem and to reach their full potential.

As a school community we both celebrate our success and strive for improvement, so we value the opinions of all pupils, parents, staff and governors. We would appreciate you taking the time to complete and return this questionnaire by Friday 11th March. If you would like an extra copy for a second parent, please download one from our web site.

For each of the statements below, please tick the box which best reflects your views in relation to your child (or children):

    Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Don’t Know
1 Overall I am satisfied with the school          
2 My child likes this school          
3 My child was helped to settle in well when he/she started at the school          
4 My child is making good progress at school          
5 Pupils behave well in school          
6 The teaching is good          
7 Staff expect my child to work hard and to do his or her best          
8 I know what my child is learning in school at the moment          
9 The homework that is given builds on what my child learns in school          
10 Staff treat my child fairly and with respect          
11 My child is encouraged to be healthy and to take regular exercise          
12 My child is safe in school          
13 My child receives appropriate additional support in relation to any particular individual needs          
14 I am kept well informed about my child’s progress          
15 I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions, suggestions or a problem          
16 I understand the school’s procedure for dealing with complaints          
17 The school helps my child to become more mature and take on responsibility          
18 There is a good range of activities including trips and visits          
19 I am kept well informed about trips, events and after-school clubs          
20 I find the school newsletters  interesting and informative          
21 My child is well prepared for moving on to the next school          
22 I would prefer to pay for school lunches and trips on-line (rather than cash/cheque)          
23 The school is well run          


How would you prefer to receive information from the school? (Tick no more than three options):

o Paper newsletter  o Email  o Text message  o Twitter  o Facebook  o Website


Please provide any additional views or comments in the space below:




If you would be willing for the school to contact you for further information about your feedback, please give us your name:

Name: __________________________________________________________________


Child / Children: __________________________________________________________


Class / Classes: __________________________________________________________


On Monday 14th March we are holding an informal event in school when the school choir will be singing, the orchestra will be playing and two of our pupil participation groups will be sharing the work they are doing in school. During the evening there will be an opportunity for you to discuss your responses to this questionnaire or any aspects of school life with staff and governors. Please come and join us for this event.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. We value the partnership we have between home and school; it is vital if children are to flourish and reach their true potential.  We really are proud of our school and all our children.


Yours sincerely,

School Staff and Governors

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