Nursery Curriculum Newsletter Spring Term 2018



Nursery Curriculum Newsletter Spring Term 2018


Dear parents,


Happy New Year! We would all like to say a huge thank you for all your kind gifts that we received for Christmas. We welcome two new friends joining us in nursery (afternoon) this term. We are sure that they will settle into nursery quickly and soon begin to make new friends.


Each child in nursery belongs to a little family group (Group Seren or Group Enfys) with a key person, who will take care of them. These groups meet every day to talk, have conversations together, plan the children’s play, as well as play little focused games and activities that help develop the children’s learning. At the beginning of each nursery session, we ask parents to support their child in hanging up their coat independently and reminding them to collect their wooden name-tag to put into their Family group box.


Thank you very much for your contribution of termly snack money. Through your support we are able to continue to provide a wide range of fruit and vegetable snacks and opportunities for learning, such as baking, craft and gardening.


The children have settled back very quickly once again after their Christmas holidays. Below will give you a brief outline of the type of things to expect from nursery this term in replacement of a specific ‘Topic’ or project (although this is subject to change according to the interests of the children):

  • Healthy Living Week
  • Chinese New Year
  • Shrove Tuesday
  • Spring
  • St David’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Easter

Language, Literacy and Communication Skills

We will continue using a selection of books during our Literacy Sessions to stimulate all areas of literacy [oracy, reading and writing]. We will continue to work with the children to recognise their name and this term the children will begin to write their name, with support and independently using the school’s letter formation.


Mathematical Skills

This term the children will continue to build upon the work introduced during the Autumn Term as follows:

Number formation- children will continue to recognise and begin to write numbers from 0-10.

Number Structure– continue to recognise 1p, 2p, 5p, and 10p coins and use these coins in play situations to pay for items.

Counting and Calculations– Counting up to 5 objects, understand addition as combining two groups of objects to find out ‘how many altogether?’ , as well as using counting on as a strategy for adding a collection within 10. Subtraction as ‘how many left?’

Measures, Handling Data, Shape, Position, Movement-Comparisons of objects using the language of weight and mass will continue to be used. Children will collect, organise and compare information in purposeful contexts. They will continue to develop their maths language to describe shapes and positions.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Through our holistic approach, children will learn about the Chinese culture and how Chinese New Year is celebrated, children will look for signs of Winter and Spring and learn about what happens during these seasons.

Children will plant seeds (usually vegetables and plants) and learn how to care for their environment, learning what vegetables and plants need to grow. There will be ‘Healthy Living’ themed week for the first week of the Spring Term when the children will be made aware of the importance of keeping themselves healthy through a range of planned class and whole school activities.


Welsh Development

The children will continue to build upon their Welsh through daily use of simple phrases, greetings and commands as well as singing Welsh songs and playing simple games.


Creative Development

The children will work with a range of materials to produce topic related work, using many techniques. Our work will be based around our thematic approach topics. The children will develop their skills of observation when drawing and painting objects found in nature and items used to celebrate Chinese New Year, such as money tokens and Chinese dragons.


Personal and Social Skills, Well Being and Cultural Diversity

The children will continue to build on their PSWBCD skills already introduced during the Autumn term; they will continue to learn how to play and work co-operatively. They will learn to recognise their personal strengths and weaknesses. They will learn about celebrations of Chinese New Year, Shrove Tuesday, St David’s Day and Easter.

If you celebrate any festivals at home and would like us to help you celebrate and learn about in nursery, please let us know and we can include this in our projects.



I hope you will find the above information useful.

Please call in and see us if you are able to help in any way.


Thank you,

Ellie McArdell, Sue Martin and Caroline Bunn




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