Year 6 Autumn Curriculum Letter

Year Six Curriculum Newsletter Autumn Term 2016


Dear Parents,

You will be pleased to know that the children have settled quickly into the classroom routines of Year 6 and are showing a great deal of commitment and enthusiasm to the work covered so far.

This year is, of course, a very important year for your child as it is the final stage of their development in the Primary Phase. Throughout the year we will regularly assess their progress and set new targets for them to attain. At the end of Year 6 the children will sit National Tests in Reading, Numerical Reasoning and Procedural Mathematics set by the Welsh Government. The ongoing Teacher Assessment tasks and tests that are set will also be used to inform parents and the comprehensive schools of progress, attainment and achievement in the subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Welsh second language.


Later on this term, you will receive a booklet and form to fill in regarding your child’s secondary education. Our catchment feeder secondary school is John Frost School. We have very close links with the school and all the children will have an opportunity to time there during the year as part of transition activities.


This term our project will focus on:



Where appropriate, Literacy is linked to our class project work. This allows us to establish meaningful contexts in which to develop oracy, reading and writing skills. Our main text for the Autumn term will be ‘The Wind in the Willows’.  From this, we will explore recount letters and setting descriptions, as well as engaging in debates and practising our reading skills of inference and deduction. In addition to this, we will also spend time looking at Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’ as part of the national Roald Dahl celebrations.  We will be working hard on our writing skills, ensuring we use a wide range of sentence structures and language features.

READING: The children will continue to be introduced to a range of reading material through individual books, group guided reading books and whole class shared texts. All children will take part in group guided reading sessions with the class teacher and/or another member of staff. Pupils are expected to read at home under the guidance of parents and can select from books in school and/or their own reading material.

SPELLINGS: Lists are taken from the Literacy Strategy and may also include class or project spellings.

Pupils will normally bring home spellings to learn on a Friday to be tested on the following Friday.



Class lessons in mathematics include mental maths activities followed by a main teaching activity.  This term we will be working on place value, multiplication and division, shape and fractions. We will also be covering different types of graphs in handling data and the language of probability.  The children will also take part in weekly reasoning lessons.  Pupils are required to learn their tables on a regular basis. Pupil’s mental maths skills will usually be tested for speed and accuracy on a Friday.  A weekly times table test is also undertaken on a Friday, though this will on occasion be alternated with national test practice.


Our science curriculum during the Spring Term will be covered through our theme ‘Sid the Slob’. This topic will focus on healthy and unhealthy living and their impact on their body.  Throughout the topic, learning will take place through scientific investigation, enabling your child to develop scientific skills alongside knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts.

 Project – History and Geography

History will focus on the Ancient Egyptians!  We will be researching hieroglyphics and their role in Egyptian society, how to make a mummy and the most famous Pharaohs of Egypt.  In our geography topics, Rivers, we will explore the various sections of rivers and map some of the longest rivers in the world.

Design Technology

This term we will be designing and building our own bridges linked to our Geography Project – Investigating Rivers.


This term we will be designing and making three-dimensional Egyptian canopic jars and cartouches.


Previously taught personal information will be revised before moving on to study the life of the pirate Harri Morgan. Work covered during this topic will introduce the children to the Welsh language in the third person.

Physical Education / Games

PE and games sessions will take place on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons.  We are fortunate enough to have fortnightly rugby sessions with Dragons Rugby Club.  It is important that children wear appropriate kit for PE and games sessions.  Children should have in their kit a white polo top/t-shirt, black shorts/jogging bottoms, black sweat/hoodie/jumper and trainers.  Black leggings and netball skirts are also permitted.  Jewellery must be removed for PE and games lessons.  If children do not have the appropriate kit, they will be unable to participate in lessons due to health and safety.  It is particularly important that children have warm kit for the winter sessions.

Religious Education

The children will participate in Bible Explorer. This will be delivered by an outside provider and the children will learn all about the New Testament.


We will be singing a variety of songs and learning to play instrumental parts showing control of the musical elements. We will also be composing simple pieces and appraising different styles of music.

Pupil Voice

At Glasllwch Primary we continue to adapt and improve our school curriculum to encompass the interests and experiences of the children. We believe that asking pupils about what they would like to learn is fundamental to providing an engaging and inspiring curriculum. Please discuss with your child what they would like to learn about during our topic ‘Rivers and Egyptians’ and encourage them to record their favourite questions and bring them into school.

We look forward to working in partnership with you and your child. We have high expectations for a very successful year. Please do not hesitate to come in and speak to us if you have any queries or concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Ruth Cornelius and Mrs Logan

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