Would NASA’s spacecraft touch the sun? by Harvey

Breaking news: would nasas spacecraft ‘touch’ the sun?

Nasa are hoping this new spacecraft would ‘touch’ the sun!

Well not literally ‘touch it’, but rather to travel deep into the sun’s atmosphere.

So what do we know about the spacecraft?

  • Its called the Parker Solar Probe
  • Its about the size of a small car
  • Its taken 60 years to research, design and build
  • It will cost more than a billion pounds

How will it work?

Getting close to the sun will not be easy!

As the sun is a star made of hot plasma, its obviously extremely hot – at the surface about 5,600C!

That’s more than one hundred times hotter than the hottest temperature recorded on earth!

The sun’s atmosphere is 300 times hotter than that, so Nasa have been busy making a special shield to protect the spacecraft from the intense heat and energy.

This report has unfortunatly ended


Report by Harvey 

(He is also a rocket scientist)



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