WHAT WE LIKE: Boxing by Haleema


Hello my name is Haleema and I love boxing. I go to Mo’s Boxing Fitness academy. It is really hard because we have to punch the bags. We have to punch really hard and I get really tired. We get 2 minutes break – 1 minute to have a drink and go to the toilet and another minute to put our gloves on.

I go on a Tuesday. I go with my brother and my cousin. Sometimes we have sweets.  The girls are better than the boys!

One time when I went boxing I hurt my hand but it was actually my vein! I had to punch the bags really hard and that’s when I hurt my vein.

In boxing I made a friend her name is Erin we’re kind of best friends but don’t tell anyone! We made friends the week before last week. On the 26th of Jan I couldn’t  go because my dad was ill.

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