Top 10: sports for kids! by Jessi


10. Track and Field – 1st Usain Bolt – 2nd Ed Moses – 3rd Jesse Owens

  1. Tennis – 1st Roger Federer – 2nd Rafael Nadal – 3rd Pete Sampras
  1. Archery – 1st Lee Sueng-Yun – 2nd Oh Jin-Hyek – 3rd Rick Van Der Ven
  1. Cycling – 1st Eddy Merckx – 2nd Bernard Hinault – 3rd Jacques Anquetil
  1. Volleyball– 1st Regla Torres – 2nd Land Ping – 3rd Inna Ryskal
  1. Dance – 1st Michael Jackson – 2nd Mikhail Baryshnikov – 3rd James Brown
  1. Basketball – 1st LeBron James – 2nd Michael Jordan – 3rd Magic Johnson
  1. Gymnastics – 1st Larisa Latynina – 2nd Svetlana Khorkina – 3rd Nadia Comaneci
  1. Football – 1st Lionel Messi – 2nd Cristiano Ronaldo – 3rd Luis Suarez
  1. Swimming – 1st Michael Phelps – 2nd Mark Spitz – 3rd Matt Biondi















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