The Tudors by Eloise and Sophie


by  Eloise and Sophie

Hi this is our blog and we will be talking about Tudors.

Here is some facts about Tudors:

Mary I sent Queen Elizabeth to prison.

The Tudors weed and pooed in a bucket instead of a loo!

The rich people brushed their teeth with sugar toothpaste.

The lady Tudors wore extra high heels so they didn’t get their dresses muddy.

Here is a rhyme to help you remember Henry VIII wives: divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, and survived.

When the Tudors moved houses they took their windows with them!!!!!!

The Tudors had a 16 meal banquet and these are the things they ate: roast boar, black bird pie and pigeon. Fancy trying any of these? Yuck!!!

The rich Tudors had black and white houses with patterns on and the poor Tudors had ordinary houses with a thatched roof.

Poor 7 year old Tudor boys had to go down the privy ( toilet ) to clean all the poo and wee.

The Tudor rose was created by Henry VII when he ended the war of the roses which was a battle between The house of Lancaster and York.

The Tudors had only a hole or buckets to have their business. They would wipe their bottoms with leaves, moss and sheep’s wool.

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