Reception Summer Term Curriculum Letter 2018


Reception Curriculum Newsletter Summer Term 2018


Dear Parents,

I cannot believe we have reached our final term in Reception! What a brilliant year we have had so far and the children are so excited to continue their learning journey through our new project Up and Over, Down and Under. This project is very child led and this year the children have expressed an interest in learning about bubbles, balloons, rainbows, growing flowers and vegetables and finding out about all things that live under the sea. Alongside this exciting project, we are also hoping to take part in a link project with Nursery encompassing all things Summer and Festivals! This will take place after half term.

Language, Literacy and Communication Skills

We will continue to develop the children’s story and non-fiction writing using a selection of Big Books and Poems to stimulate all areas of language [oracy, reading and writing]. The children will be encouraged to use their phonic knowledge to sound out and will begin to follow the conventions for sentence writing. They will be encouraged to write for different purposes using varying formats e.g leaflets, messages, stories, recipes and news.

The children will continue to develop their reading skills in reading sessions every Monday and Thursday so please ensure they have their reading folders in school.

Mathematical Skills

Sequence of number– Reciting the number sequence forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s within and up to 100.

Number StructureThe children will begin to explore place value and identify tens and units in numbers within 100.

Counting and Calculations– The children will begin to explore number bonds within 10 and will also become familiar with halves and doubles within 10.

Measures, Handling Data, Shape, Position, Movement– The children will become familiar with reading o’clock and half past on digital and analogue clocks. The children will also become familiar with exploring capacity.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

The children will explore different materials and their properties through the medium of art in their bubble art experiment. They will look at different living objects and identify what they need to survive. The children will take part in a science experiment which shows how plants use water to survive. We will experience how to plant and care for flowers and vegetables and identify things that they need to survive. living things change and grow in Spring Time.

Creative development

The children will explore mixing primary colours to create secondary colours during our Rainbows project. The children will focus on creating pictures using a range of materials such as bubble art and straw blowing art. They will make black line drawings of their families to support the SEAL theme ‘Relationships’. The children will sing a variety of songs focusing on improving their performance. The children will also learn some appraisal skills by linking music to moods.

Physical Development

The children will have a PE session on a Wednesday afternoon. They will need to bring their PE kit to school every Wednesday and will be encouraged to dress themselves for PE. The children will continue to have everyday use of the large and small play equipment in our outside play area. They will continue to develop their fine motor skills through using small equipment in the classroom and outside. P.E. sessions will now take place outdoors so please ensure that your child has appropriate footwear food field and yard activities.

Personal and Social Development, Well Being And Cultural Diversity

The children will be made aware of everyday issues involving behaviour, feelings, likes and dislikes, their self-image and how to treat others through participating in the SEAL themes ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changes’. They will learn strategies to help them to cope with big changes that arise – such as moving up to a new class and will also explore different relationships and family structures. Children will also take part in cooking of healthy recipes.

Welsh Development

The children will continue to build upon their use of Welsh- speaking, listening, reading and responding to commands spoken in Welsh.


Individual Pupil Target

Your child will be given a small target to work towards from time to time. Please give your child all the support they need to help them achieve these targets.

Pupil Voice

At Glasllwch school we continue to adapt and improve our school curriculum to encompass the interests and experiences of the children. We believe that asking pupils about what they would like to learn is fundamental to providing an engaging and inspiring curriculum. Please discuss with your child what they would like to learn about during our topics ‘Up and Over, Down and Under’ and ‘Summer Festivals’ and write down one question they would like answered.


Parent Helpers

May I extend my invitation to any parents who are able to support in the classroom in any way possible.

Please call in and see me if you are able to help.


I hope you will find the above information useful.

Thank you,

Sarah Edwards


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