Reception Curriculum Newsletter Autumn Term 2015

Reception Curriculum Newsletter Autumn Term 2015

Dear Parents,
I am pleased to inform you that after their first few days at school the Reception children are coping extremely well with the routine of school life.
In order for school and home to work as a team and give your child the best start possible, below is some information about the areas we intend to cover this term.

Language, Literacy and Communication Skills
For the first 10 weeks, work will concentrate on learning to read and write using a systematic phonics programme-Jolly Phonics. The children will be introduced to the 42 main sounds of the English language. They will be taught:
Letter sounds
Letter formation
Identifying sounds in words for writing
Blending letter sounds for reading
Tricky words- irregular words
As parents you have a vital role to play in this intensive phonic programme, so a meeting has been arranged for you on TUESDAY 8th SEPTEMBER at 6 pm where your role can be explained in more detail.
Mathematical Development
The children will participate in daily numeracy activities. The children will be introduced to counting amounts up to 10, recognising numbers 1-10, writing numbers 1-10, recognising and describing the properties of 3D shapes, adding 1 by counting on and subtracting 1 by counting back, recognising the passage of time in relation to their day. They will use the language of measure when comparing size and weight and begin to use non-standard units to measure the length, height and weight of objects.
Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Most of the work here will focus around the topic ‘Ourselves’. They will find out about themselves now and as babies, their families, their senses, naming the parts of their bodies, their likes and dislikes. The school grounds will be used to observe the changes in the environment during Autumn.
In their outdoor environment they will be involved in planting and taking care of plants and bulbs.
They will be introduced to using the computer and interactive white board.
Creative Development
The children will experience a wide variety of art materials to produce topic, literacy and mathematically related artwork. They will make and decorate cakes and biscuits. They will sing a variety of songs and use the percussion instruments to accompany their singing.
Physical Development
The children will work at developing their fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills, through using and gaining control of pencils, scissors etc. gross motor skills, through gaining control of their bodies when using large and small apparatus during P.E. and when outside in the outdoor play area. On a Friday the children will participate in a ‘Head over Heels’ gymnastics session. This will begin on Friday 18th September. To save time we would like the children to come to school every Friday morning wearing their PE kit and trainers. If the weather is cold they may wear a black or navy blue tracksuit over the top of their shorts and t-shirt.
Personal and Social Development, Well Being and Cultural Diversity
The children will be helped to cope with the adjustment of change from Nursery to school, and the learning of new routines and rules. The children will be helped to develop an understanding of feelings and facial expressions. They will learn how to play and work co-operatively. They will learn to recognise their personal strengths and weaknesses. They will learn about the festivals of Harvest and Christmas.
Welsh Development
The children will be introduced to simple greetings and commands in Welsh.

Pupil Voice
At Glasllwch school we continue to adapt and improve our school curriculum to encompass the interests and experiences of the children. We believe that asking pupils about what they would like to learn is fundamental to providing an engaging and inspiring curriculum. To help prepare your child for the start of our topic ‘OURSELVES’, please discuss with your child what they would like to learn about during this topic.

My Target
A Target Card will be sent home occasionally [inside your child’s purple reading folder] and is intended to inform you of any particular skills you may be able to help your child with at home. These will be in the form of a simple target to work towards. Please help your child to achieve their target and celebrate their achievements.

Cookery- The children take it in turns to participate in a small cookery activity. The children have the opportunity to make and decorate biscuits and make cakes. The group that cook always make enough for everyone to share. Please could you let me know in writing if there are any foods you do not wish your child to eat, or any they may have an allergic reaction to.

Wellington boots- Please could you send in a pair of Wellington boots clearly labelled with your child’s name as soon as possible as we will be using the outdoors in all weathers.

I hope you find the above information useful. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation.

Jane Jones

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