Vacations and Extended Vacation Request and Agreement Form

Glasllwch Primary School recognises the positive outcomes of Vacations and Extended Vacations, sometimes referred to as ‘Heritage Visits’ and the need for parents and their children to maintain links with their extended families and the country of their origin. We encourage all parents to arrange vacations or extended vacations during or around the school holidays wherever possible, to avoid long periods of absence, which can have a negative impact on children’s attainment and social development.

  • The school will therefore agree to your request for an extended vacation under the following Local Education guidelines and conditions.
  • That the period is no longer than 4 WEEKS
  • That the school will not authorise absence which is more than 4 WEEKS
  • The school will authorise these visits, but would advise clearly that during the child’s school life that they are kept to the minimum and are not repeated on an annual basis
  • Parents must fill in and sign the attached request form in advance of the visit taking place. The notice of intention in the majority of requests should be in the time span of two to four weeks, unless exceptional circumstances pertain such as family bereavement. Even under those circumstances the families must still contact the school and where practically possible fill out the request form.
  • If the child / children do not return by the agreed date they may be at risk of losing their place at the school. This is at the Head Teachers discretion.
  • If parents have problems returning before the agreed date it is essential that they contact the school directly or via other family members that live locally.
  • If the child / children have not returned to school by said date, or there has been no communication by the family giving a reason for the continued absence or delay in returning, the school will invoke Newport City Council’s protocol and procedures for ‘Children Missing from Education’. This protocol demands that the school contacts the appropriate agencies and refer to them the name/s of the child / children as missing.

Vacation and Extended Vacation Request and Agreement

Child 1 Details

Child 2 Details

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Contact details whilst on vacation:

  • If the child / children fail to return by said date and / or there has been no form of communication given to explain the continued absence, they may lose their place at the school. This is at the Head Teachers discretion.
  • That you are aware and accept that the school is obliged to contact appropriate agencies if your child / children do not return by said date and/or if there has been no communication giving the reason for the continued absence.

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