Nursery- Summer Term!

Welcome to the Summer Term in Nursery!

This half term the children will be exploring “The Great Outdoors!”

We will be exploring our Forest school, looking for what changes we can see now that it is spring time.

We will be using Forest school to go on a Bear Hunt! As we hunt for bears we will all be saying ” We’re going on a bear hunt.  We’re going to catch a big one.  What a beautiful day! We’re not scared.”

Image result for worms

The children have chosen to investigate worms!  We will set up a worm world in nursery and observe the worms as we play!

Now that the weather is improving (hopefully) we will be busy planting in our outdoor area and developing our outdoor space further!

The children will join in with school Sports Day later on this term and a Nursery trip – watch this space for more information!

Thank you for all your support,

Any questions please ask.

Thank you

Miss Martin, Mrs Bunn, Mrs Parker and Mrs Griffiths



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