How to help your child’s reading skills at home!

Parents often ask how they can help with their child’s reading at home. When children become more confident readers and are no longer struggling to decode letter sounds and read words, children start to develop more higher order reading skills. Children are using lots of these skills in their guided reading sessions in school.

I have attached a simple table that may be useful for you to use at home. It is called Reading “VIPERS” and provides some handy questioning prompts that you may like to use when listening to your child read at home. Questions are broken down into 6 categories, all of which help to access those higher order reading skills which are so important!

I hope you find this useful! These may also be useful prompts for your child’s reading response in their reading diaries!

Thank you for supporting your child’s reading at home. Even as little as 10 minutes a day makes such a huge difference.

Click the link to access the tableFP reading VIPERS table

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