Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls by Katie and Elin

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Good night Stories For Rebel Girls


Good night stories for rebel girls is a book that is all about famous women that have died and some that are still alive. It has 100 tales so you won’t have to worry about finishing the book.

Our Favourite People


  • Florence Nightingale-Nurse


  • Jacquotte Delahaye-Pirate


  • Serena and Venus Williams-Tennis players



  • Misty Copeland-Ballerina


  • Nancy Wake-Spy


  • Simone Biles-Gymnast


Some of the women

Maria callas- opera singer

Ada lovelace-mathematician

Coco chanel-fashion designer

Elizabeth 1-queen

Yoko ono-artist

Coy mathis-elementary school child


Our reviews

  • Elins review:  I give this book a 5 star rate because it is really interesting and fun to read.
  • Katies review: I give this book a 5 star rate because it is a really good book and it is filled with lots of interesting people.


The illustrators and authors

The authors are…

  • Elena Favilli
  • Francesca Cavallo
  • Timbuktu Labs

The illustrators are…

  • Cristina Amodeo
  • Elizabeth Baddeley
  • Alice Barberini
  • Claudia Carieri
  • Elenia Beretta
  • Sara Bondi
  • Marijke Buurlage
  • Edith Carron
  • Michelle Christensen
  • Jessica M. Cooper
  • Eleanor Davis
  • Barbara Dziadosz
  • Zozia Dzierzawska
  • Paola Escobar
  • Giulia Flamini
  • Ana Galvan                                                                                            Monica Garwood
  • Debora Guidi
  • Samidha Gunjal
  • Amanda Hall
  • Lea Heinrich
  • Kathrin Honesta
  • Ana Juan
  • T.S. Abe
  • Eleni Kalorkoti
  • Bijou Karman
  • Priya Kuriyan
  • Justine Lecouffe
  • Kiki Ljung
  • Marta Lorenzon
  • Sophia Martineck
  • Sarah Mazzetti
  • Karabo Moletsane
  • Helena Morais Soares
  • Sally Nixon
  • Martina Paukova
  • Camilla Perkins
  • Rita Petruccioli
  • Zara Picken
  • Cristina Portolan
  • Kate Prior
  • Paola Rollo
  • Malin Rosenqvist
  • Dalila Rovazzani
  • Karolin Schnoor
  • Marta Signori
  • Noa Snir
  • Riikka Sormanunen
  • Cristina Spano
  • Gaia stella
  • Lizzy Stewart
  • Elisabetta Stoinich
  • Geraldine Sy
  • Thandiwe Tshabalala
  • Eline Van Dam
  • Cari Vander Yacht
  • Lieke Van Der Vorst
  • Emmanuelle Walker
  • Sarah Wilkins
  • Ping Zhu

this is a picture of the book.

Other information

  • The book comes with a fitted bookmark.
  • In waterstones you can get the same book but number 2.
  • It has lots of information and contents.
  • On the back it has a blurb and other people’s quotes.
  • You can tell when they were born and where they lived by looking at the bottom of the page.
  • In the contents and on the top of the page you can see what job or thing they did.
  • It has space for you to write your name at the front.
  • On the back it has information about how to find them on twitter, instagram and facebook.
  • You can write your own story.
  • At the back there is the Rebels hall of fame
  • At the front it has a rebel girl word

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