Glasllwch 2018! Issue #3 by Pavi and Ellie

Victorious Valentines day

Today’s the day,

Valentines day!

Your purrfect for me

You fill me with glee


Forget all your worries

Start writing stories

Of this special day

But don’t give them away


Your eyes may not be the colours of the deep blue sea

But your the only one for me

I really, really love you

I mean with all my heart, I do


Do you like our poem? We thought if we were going to write about Valentines day, we might as well write a Valentines day poem! 14th February!


Perfect Pancake Day

On the 13th of February, it was pancake day. Guess what was soooooooooooooooooooo unfair! The teachers got pancakes and the students didn’t get any! Can you believe it! We watched our teachers gobble them down! RIDICULOUS! Well anyway you can always have pancakes at home!

Excellent Extra

  • For welsh assembly Alesha got Sion and Sana got Eleri.


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Our Welsh word of the week

Pwy sy'n gwybod?

Who knows?