Glasllwch 2018! Issue #2 by Pavi and Ellie

Brave Brigade

Have you ever felt the feeling of missing something amazing? Well…we have been through an experience of that, we feel so sad, but proud. On the 6th of February our brave Malpas Fire Brigade were supposed to come in year 5 and give us a safety lecture, safety comes first, but they had to attend a real house fire! Dun dun duuun! We hope everything went alright but hopefully soon they will come again and carry on saving people’s lives, and be the heroes they are.

Pro PC Herbert

Every year our lovely brave policeman, PC Thomas comes in and gives every class what wrong, and what’s right, we all love the policeman. But sadly PC Thomas is very ill and has broken her leg. Uh oh. So PC Herbert filled in for her and taught year 5 about thinking before you do something, and showed us some videos about not thinking. He was great fun. We are all so greatful to have such spectacular heroes helping us with all sorts of problems!

Rad Rugby Tournament

On the 7th of February a few boys (we can’t be bothered to name the names) in year 5+6 went to a rugby tournament to compete against other schools. Exciting right? WRONG! Unfortunately, the rest of year 5+6 had to stay at school! Ha ha I’m just kidding, I love school( written by Ellie. Pavi likes school but not as much as me, Ellie). The real reason it wasn’t exciting was that even before they got to the tournament, they only had 4 year 5s, 6 year 6s and 2 kids from Clytha. Even if they lose, Glasllwch will always appreciate their effort and we will always think they are winners. At least they aren’t bad sports!

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