Favourite books: Guinness Book of Records by Evan


The gist of the book of records is about records set by anyone. This year it is the 2016 annual. People break records for money and for fun. If you have a record, send it to the web site.

These are some of the records in this years annual.

  1. The person with the most likes on facebook is Rondo with 102,782,302 likes.
  2. The shortest man in the world is 54.6cm .
  3. The biggest man was 283.2cm.
  4. The most iron bars bent in 1 minute is 11.
  5. Most cans crushed in one minute is 17
  6. The first app to get to 100000 downloads is google mail.
  7. Largest fish predator in the sea is the great white shark.
  8. Best football player Lionel Messi
  9. The largest collection of Star Wars Lego has 378 sets which contains 151, 428 individual pieces.
  10. The highest grossing game app is Clash of Clans making £1,050,120 a day.

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