Children of the Revolution by Georgina

In year 5 we are learning about children’s revolution and Victorian times. We have been doing PowerPoints presentations and more about these subjects and year 5 have learnt a lot so I’m here to tell you a couple of things we learnt about. Buckle your seat belts lady and gentlemen because we are going on a long journey .

Did you know that children up to the age of 5 and there older brothers or sisters around the age of 11 would take the younger children to work?

Also did you know that the grossest  job for children is a  pure finder?What they do is whenever they find dog muck they pick it up and put it in a bucket this muck can be made into leather so it is very useful but very gross to collect.

Any way that’s about all my mind could remember but I hope you enjoyed this and I also hope you learnt couple of facts you could tell your friends family or anyone I guess or just keep it to your self!Anyway hope you enjoyed!


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