Cadbury’s World by Lucy and Sofia


Year 4 went on a school trip to Cadbury world on the 18th April 2018. We really enjoyed it there we had loads of fun and we all came back with a grin on our faces. There was lots of other primary schools there. We saw one university there as well. The funny thing is that the workers there actually have the same colour uniform as us, purple and yellow. That’s the end of my intro please read on to find out more about Year 4’s trip to Cadbury world.


The gift shop


The gift shop was very popular but luckily it wasn’t too busy when we were in there. I had a dairy oreo small and large bar also i had a toblerone. Lucy had a large marvelous creation bar

a medium size oreo bar 2 mini bars and 1 large toblerone . There was a giant bar of chocolate there too.


The park


The park was big it has a giant slide at the top that we all went on. There was lots of different parts in the park but at the top they are all connected. Also there was a rope that you had to climb up to get up to go down a slide that was big too. Me and Lucy loved the park it was so fun!

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