Animals with superpowers by Muna and Jessi


Top 10 water animals with amazing superpowers

  1. Hagfish – They may look like weak creatures that can easily be preyed upon bigger predators like seal sharks, but do not let they’re appearance deceive you, as they are highly skilled in preserving their lives. When attacked by predators like conger eels and sharks, hagfish release a slime that clogs the enemy’s gills and mouths, causing them to retreat.


  1. Platypus – What makes the peculiar platypus a superhero is its amazing ability to determine the exact location of its prey. It does this by detecting the electric impulses and pressure changes its prey creates when moving underwater. Unlike most animals, the platypus does not use its ears and eyes when hunting for food, since they automatically close when it dives underwater. Instead, it relies on its bill to help it determine the location of its prey.


  1. Electric eel – Electric eels got their name from their super ability to discharge electricity from their bodies. When an eel feels threatened or sees a prey, it discharges 600 volts of electricity, strong enough to knock down a horse or leave a man unconscious.


  1. Mantis Shrimp – The mantis shrimp may be small, but it sure is remarkably strong and fast. This animal can easily shatter an aquarium glass and break the hard shells of certain animals like snails.


  1. Cuttlefish – The cuttlefish is a squid-like creature considered by many scientists to be the ultimate master of disguise. It possesses the ability to alter its appearance in the twinkling of an eye, and adapt to its surroundings very easily. It can create the perfect camouflage, one that would put the chameleon to shame. It can easily imitate the appearance, and even the texture of anything that it sees such as rocks. It can even produce zebra-like patterns on its skin.


  1. African hairy frog – African hairy frogs, commonly found in Cameroon, are the Wolverines of the wild in that they can break their toe bones and transform them into claws when they feel threatened. Just like the X-Man, the African frog’s claws bursts from its skin, ready to attack.


  1. Planarian – Planarians may seem insignificant compared to other animals, but they possess one special ability that makes them highly valuable to scientists and even to some of us. Namely, that these small flatworms hold the key to immortality. Researchers have discovered that these tiny creatures have the god-like ability to regenerate themselves infinitely. If a planarian loses its head or tail, it can easily regrow it back.


  1. Archerfish – The archerfish has what amounts to a gun buried in its body. Of course, it doesn’t shoot bullets, but instead emits high-speed streams of water, strong enough to knock down and kill its prey. Once the insect falls into the water, the archerfish then immediately swallows it.


  1. Sea cucumber – Just like planarians, sea cucumbers can heal and regenerate themselves too. It is interesting to note that their regenerative and healing mechanisms closely resemble that of the human body. But unlike the seemingly immortal planarians, these sausage-looking sea creatures cannot heal all kinds of wounds, and they cannot clone themselves. However, despite some limitations in their powers, sea cucumbers still deserve to be in this list due to a recent remarkable discovery made by scientists—sea cucumbers can cure cancer.

1. Salmon – Most of us know that salmon go back to the place they were born, just to spawn. That means travelling more than 2,485 miles, navigating through strong currents, jumping over various environmental obstacles, and passing through predators like grizzly bears. It’s the remarkably mysterious and arduous journey that salmon take for the purpose of mating and spawning that make them superheroes in the animal kingdom.


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